The Second-Most Important Question

Propose to your bridal party with Village Goods

Each week, as a producer of the DIY Wedding Show, ThistleBEA your wedding (us!) is going to be featuring some of the amazing vendors participating in the Feburary 24, 2018 show, and this week we are all about Village Goods!

We’ve asked all the vendors the same few questions and we love the variety of answers we’ve been hearing. Because all of our vendors are creatives, they’ve all been able to give us some amazing unique answers and the more we hear about them, the more we get excited about the DIY Wedding Show!

  1. Tell us a little about your business.

    Village Goods partners with local, independent makers, artists & businesses to curate a selection of low waste, minimal goods for body, life & home.  

  2. How do you help DIY couples or couples who focus on affordability?

    At this year’s DIY Wedding show, we are giving brides-to-be the opportunity to create custom bride, honeymoon & bridesmaid boxes filled with local handmade goods at an affordable price point. By filling your own box, you control the cost and get only what you want and nothing you don’t!

  3. What is your favorite part of a DIY wedding?

    DIY’ing it can make wedding prep more fun & allow the couple’s personality to really shine through on the all of the little things that make the day so special.

  4. What inspires you?

    I’m always inspired by the simplicity of nature. Stepping away from the phone and computer screens and just taking a walk by the water really brings a sense of clarity and creativity.


If you want to see some more of from Village Goods, head on over to their Instagram and Facebook


The DIY Wedding Show 2018 is produced by Thistlebea your wedding, Capture Your Now, and 100 Braid Street Studios

Proudly presenting A Wish to Wed as the DIY Wedding Show’s Non-Profit Partner

Show sponsored in part by Lonsdale Event Rentals

Follow the DIY Wedding show on Facebook and Instagram for updates, ticket information, and free stuff!


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