DIY Your Wedding Beauty

Mary Kay can help you look your best on your wedding day and every other day you feel like pampering yourself!

Bridal make-up
Moment Captured by Capture Your Now

Each week, as a producer of the DIY Wedding Show, ThistleBEA your wedding (us!) is going to be featuring some of the amazing vendors participating in the Feburary 24, 2018 show, and today it’s all about Allison from Mary Kay

We’ve asked all the vendors the same few questions and we love the variety of answers we’ve been hearing. Because all of our vendors are creatives, they’ve all been able to give us some amazing unique answers and the more we hear about them, the more we get excited about the DIY Wedding Show!

Breanne Dodge, of ThislteBEA, and Allison actually met at a different wedding show and obviously Mary Kay just fit in perfectly into what we’re doing with the DIY Wedding show, so we had to have her!

  1. Tell us a little about your business.

    In MaryKay, we Believe in the golden rule and that is why it is so easy to offer try before you buy customized service that fits your personality and style. This may be a one-on-one consultation, a party with friends, a virtual party, simple makeup tips & tricks, skin care advice/ free samples. You may prefer to shop online, order by e-mail/ phone, or in person. The choice is yours and when you chose you can be sure our products are 100% guaranteed and shipping is free- the way you want to be treated!

  2. How do you help DIY couples or couples who focus on affordability?

    We teach the Bride and her wedding party how to do their own make up for their big day. We offer a free color color consultation to go over what type of look she wants and suggest colors and techniques that enhances her features and make her camera ready. Plus you can purchase your make up which will be more cost effective that paying a make up artist for one day.

    Bride getting hair and make-up done
    Moment captured by Capture Your Now
  3. What is your favorite part of a DIY wedding?

    I love that you can add your own personal touches to your wedding that do not have to add so much extra cost. More meaningful for the couple and their guests.

  4. Are you doing a demo at the show? What will it be?

    I haven’t decided positively if I will be doing a demo, but most likely will be a flawless face demo. The basics before putting on make up.

  5. What inspires you?

    I remember the first time I had a woman look in the mirror after a makeover and start crying. She said she never felt beautiful before. The way women fall over themselves complimenting their friends on how good they look after a makeover.

    Watching fellow consultants cry at meetings when they are being affirmed for their success the past week. It may have been the first time someone has recognized them.

    People can buy their skincare or make up anywhere. But not every company focuses on building women’s confidence and self esteem the way Mary Kay does.

    Being in Mary Kay for 7 years I have seen many people come and go and have been fortunate to witness some pretty amazing personal transformations, including my own.

    That inspires me daily.

  6. Are you giving anything away on our wishing wall? Tell us about it!

    We will offer up a Beauty Experience for the couple (more likely the bride) for up to five guests with a $20gift card for each guest. Wedding planning can be very stressful. Let us offer the couple a time to relax with their friends.

    This is what the couple will be winning!
  7. What kind of couples are likely to win your prize (as you get to choose the winner based on why they say they want the prize)?

    The couple might need a bit of pampering or need a great girls’ night in!



The DIY Wedding Show 2018 is produced by Thistlebea your wedding, Capture Your Now, and 100 Braid Street Studios

Proudly presenting A Wish to Wed as the DIY Wedding Show’s Non-Profit Partner

Show sponsored in part by Lonsdale Event Rentals

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