DIY Your Wedding Videography

You don’t need a pro for a beautiful wedding video, just two friends and Clipsake

Clipsake Videography logo

Each week, as a producer of the DIY Wedding Show, ThistleBEA your wedding (us!) is going to be featuring some of the amazing vendors participating in the Feburary 24, 2018 show, and for this beautiful Thursday afternoon, we are showing off Clipsake!

We’ve asked all the vendors the same few questions and we love the variety of answers we’ve been hearing. Because all of our vendors are creatives, they’ve all been able to give us some amazing unique answers and the more we hear about them, the more we get excited about the DIY Wedding Show!

The story as to how Clipsake got on board is a long one, so we’ll spare you the details. All that matters is that Clipsake is a NATURAL fit for the DIY Wedding Show – save some money and go with Clipsake – bonus points because you get some even more meaningful video when your close friends and family are filming!

  1. Tell us a little about your business.

    The inspiration for Clipsake came about after I worked on throwing not one but two weddings with my husband Simon (you can read about that here). My goal as a business owner is to provide a service that allows couples flexibility & creativity on a day that should be all about them. Our team provides an accessible (anywhere in Canada) affordable (64% less than average), fun (filmed by your friends) wedding video. In short, our couples pick 2 friends to help them film their day & we coach those friends in the months leading up to the wedding in creative ways to capture their friend’s wedding day. They get 2 HD video cameras for 2 days to film all the fun, mayhem, love & adventure of the wedding. The cameras are so easy to use that the ‘instructions’ are only 3 short points! After the big day we take the couples’ style and personality into account and edit for them a wedding video set to music that we hope makes them LOL & CTOJ (cry tears of joy).

    Couple having a pompom fight, bride throwing at groom
    Moment captured by Capture Your Now
  2. How do you help DIY couples or couples who focus on affordability?

    This was a big one for us. 3 out of 4 Canadian couples blow their wedding budget & that’s not cool. One of the first things couples cut when trying to stay within budget is big ticket items. Traditionally, a wedding video represents a big portion of the wedding budget and so it gets cut. We believe that after all the hard work, creativity and love that goes into a wedding, that a wedding video keepsake is really a ‘must have’. So, our wedding video alternative saves couples money by empowering their friends that are happy to help them achieve the wedding of your dreams and just need to be shown how.

  3. What is your favorite part of a DIY wedding?

    Hmmmm. Well, we’ve got two favourites off the top of our heads. Because our video cameras are on scene the day before the wedding, we get the chance to see some of the shenanigans that go on the night before. This ranges anywhere from ‘bridesmaids gone wild’ jumping on the beds to heartfelt messages recorded by the couples themselves. Really just seeing the couple and their closest friends letting their hair down just before the momentous wedding day is one of our favourites. And the more personal and DIY the day, the more effort that has been put in, the more powerful the emotions are the night before.

    Couple with cotton candy sitting at a head table of a wedding
    Moment captured by Capture Your Now
  4. Are you doing a demo at the show? What will it be?

    While we haven’t decided for sure what we will be doing, you can count on Clipsake to have some video cameras ready to hand out to some excited couples to catch some show footage!

  5. What inspires you?

    BC makers of all sorts professionals & hobbyists. The type of people who create – not just videos, art of all kinds. Their coffee tables are littered with scraps of fabric. Their memory cards are full. They hunt around thrift stores and find treasure where other people see junk. You see them at local craft fairs & at coffee shops sketching, writing and dreaming. They work for less money but with more joy.

  6. Are you giving anything away on our wishing wall? Tell us about it!

    Clipsake will be giving away a Save the Date video package! You can follow the link to learn more about it, but in a nutshell, it is a brilliant way to share about your wedding date with your friends and family that is so much more personal than some of the other options out there!

Clipsake is always posting helpful tips to make you wedding that much better! Head on over to their FacebookInstagram pages to follow them.


The DIY Wedding Show 2018 is produced by Thistlebea your wedding, Capture Your Now, and 100 Braid Street Studios

Proudly presenting A Wish to Wed as the DIY Wedding Show’s Non-Profit Partner

Show sponsored in part by Lonsdale Event Rentals

Follow the DIY Wedding show on Facebook and Instagram for updates, ticket information, and free stuff!


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