Use Textile Art in Your Wedding Day

Kemo Schedlosky, Textile Artist Extraordinaire

textile artist floral work

Each week, as a producer of the DIY Wedding Show, ThistleBEA your wedding (us!) is going to be featuring some of the amazing vendors participating in the Feburary 24, 2018 show, and we are thrilled to be starting off with Kemo, who is a textile artist, and a damned good one too!

We’ve asked all the vendors the same few questions and we love the variety of answers we’ve been hearing. Because all of our vendors are creatives, they’ve all been able to give us some amazing unique answers and the more we hear about them, the more we get excited about the DIY Wedding Show!

We found Kemo at the Culture Crawl back in 2016 and we knew we needed to get her involved – Winnie Chick, one of ThistleBEA’s planners, was the one who looked at Kemo’s work and asked “Do you think you could make bouquets?” because her work was already somewhat floral, but not so much where you could identify the flower. And guess what!? She used to be a florist! She will not only be at our show, showcasing some of her work, but she will also be doing a live demo on our Demo Stage (that’s right, no fashion show stage at this wedding show, just demos of our favorite workshops and quick DIY how-tos!)

textile artist floral work

  1. Tell us a little about your business.

    Kemo Schedlosky is a textile artist, she works with multiple techniques including knitting, weaving, quilting and embroidery. She recently has been working on a line of textile florals designed as sculptural bouquets that are interpretations on the real. The bouquets are symbolic reflections of actual flowers, people or memories, she uses old wedding dresses, and other vintage fabrics in their construction, they can be various sizes and single flowers or multiple in their display.  Kemo often uses lace, muslin and silks to create an ethereal feeling in her bouquets.
    Textile artist floral work

  2. How do you help DIY couples or couples who focus on affordability?

    There are two styles of Kemo’s flowers that can be easily constructed to create the bridal party bouquets, boutonnieres and decorative flowers. Sizes are optional. Materials can be very inexpensive as they can be found from antique shops and thrift stores or the linen closet of Grandparents, parents or their own collections. She has used pieces of her own mother’s wedding dress, vintage stained table linens passed down from her Grandmother that had been stored away for years in a drawer, which have found a new life in an artful representation. The expense is only in the time and labour, but it is a very rewarding and meaningful symbol to include in life’s most memorable experiences. The bouquet can incorporate past, present and future symbols to personalize the couple and their histories.

  3. What is your favorite part of a DIY wedding?

    The personal touches it allows a couple to bring. It give s a sense of pride in having built the celebration from their own hands and efforts. Making a wedding special is about the love that goes into planning, creating and celebrating the couple’s unique relationship, which money can’t buy. The DIY wedding is a personal and reflective interpretation on the couple and the circle that surrounds them.

  4. Are you doing a demo at the show? What will it be?

    I will have a flower demo set up at my booth. It will be in the different stages it requires to build a floral bouquet. I’m also planning to have an instructional manual for a couple of the flowers I make available for purchase.
    textile artist floral boquet

  5. What inspires you?

    Inspiration comes from various outlets, love researching florals and fauna in all its stages from seed to skeletal. I often use x-rayed plants and find patterns or textures from microscopic images. At times inspiration comes from the found vintage fabrics I found or re-used.
    close up of textile artist floral knitted work

  6. Are you giving anything away on our wishing wall? Tell us about it!

    Kemo will be giving away a couple of boutonnieres.

  7. What kind of couples are likely to win your prize (as you get to choose the winner based on why they say they want the prize)?

    The couple would be looking for something unique with an interest in the textile arts or crafts.

Textile artist close up of textile "floral and fauna* Close up of textile artist Kemo's floral work

If you want to see some more of Kemo’s work, head on over to her Instagram and follow her!


The DIY Wedding Show 2018 is produced by Thistlebea your wedding, Capture Your Now, and 100 Braid Street Studios

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