Breanne & Jim’s LEGO Wedding

“Building our life together, brick by brick”

Wedding planner Breanne Dodge with husband James Dodge on wedding day in rain
Photo by Jelger & Tanja photographer

On April 22nd, 2017, Aberthau Mansion was host to the wedding of ThistleBEA’s own Breanne Dodge, to husband Jim. The touching ceremony, which took place outside on the mansion’s grounds, was only enriched by the falling rain, and the opportunity it presented for guests and bridal party to use the umbrellas which had been monogrammed for the occasion. The ceremony was performed by the bride’s great-uncle, as the couple had completed the legalities elsewhere, and all four parents also participated. 

Bride and groom standing under an umbrella with their uncle acting as officiant.
Jim & Breanne Dodge sharing a umbrella while they say their wedding vows. Photo by Jelger & Tanja Photographers

Fun fact: in many cultures, rain on a couple’s wedding day signifies good luck. In Vancouver, Canada, it just signifies yet another Saturday or Alanis Morissette song.

The wedding was LEGO themed, in blue and white, emphasizing the couple’s fun-loving and creative side while still encompassing an elegant touch. Design features included LEGO gel centerpieces of the bride’s design, LEGO candy favors and cupcake decorations, and the bride’s homemade LEGO-decorated shoes, as well as oversized puzzle pieces in lieu of a guestbook. The party favours were distributed by piñata, which caused some trouble as well as a minor injury to one of the guests! Once Breanne broke out a hidden hammer, however, all was well and the candy was soon distributed.

Vases filled with suspended LEGO on a guest table
The centre pieces for this fun LEGO themed wedding were lego blocks suspended in clear gelatin. Photo by Jelger and Tanja Photographers
Blue and white cupcakes on a royal blue table cloth along with custom homemade LEGO shaped blue and white chocolates
Homemade cupcakes and LEGO chocolates adorn the cake table. Photo by Jelger & Tanja Photographers
Large blue and white puzzle pieces on table with a sign made up of puzzle pieces that reads "Building our life together"
Breanne & Jim’s guest book included large puzzle pieces and paint pens. Photo by Jelger & Tanja Photographers
Top down view of guests picking up the pinata fillings off the floor.
The distribution of wedding favors! Photo by Jelger & Tanja Photographers
Top down photo of groom hitting a pinata
Jim Dodge taking a wack at the wedding pinata and breaking the hitting stick, flinging it at a guest. Photo by Jelger & Tanja Photographers
Woman's legs with two garter belts on one with a hammer in a special made holster
An inside joke caused Breanne to hide a hammer in her handmade garter belt which came in handy when the pinata just wouldn’t break. Photo by Jelger & Tanja Photographers

The reception took place indoors in the Aberthau dining room and was catered by the bride’s father. Guests and bridal party alike dined on tacos, burritos, and homemade salsa. For dessert, the bride and groom favoured a small LEGO-shaped vanilla coconut cake to cut themselves, with plenty of cupcakes to go around. Afterwards, dancing was enjoyed to music selected by Mr. and Mrs. DJ.

Bride and groom holding their dinner plates filled with unwrapped burritos
The bride and groom are both hooked on tacos and burritos so they had to have a taco buffet! Photo by Jelger & Tanja Photogrpahers
Bride and groom dancing with lights in background. Black and white image
MR & Mrs Dj really put on a great show! Photo by Jelger & Tanja Photographers

To this day, the family and friends of this duo are raving about the photographers, Jelger & Tanja Photographers, and the videographer, Jeffery from Fluffy Clouds. These amazing photo and video experts knew how to capture the perfect moments while being invisible and working among the crowd quickly and silently.

The bride’s hair was done by the brilliant Sonya from Glam Girls while her make-up was perfected by her maid of awesome, Ellis.

Bride getting her hair done by Sonya of Glam Girls
Bride getting her hair done by Sonya of Glam Girls. Photo by Jelger & Tanja Photographers

The rentals for the wedding were all provided by Salmon’s Rentals and Apex Tents and dinner service staff and clean up was provided by Pop Down BC Weddings and Events.

From the bride:

It’s one thing to help someone plan their wedding and a whole ‘nother beast to actually plan your own!! When Jim and I got engaged (that’s an interesting story, you can read how I asked him on earlier posts in our blog) we knew a few things about what our wedding would look like. It would represent us, our silly wonderful quirky natures, we would eat tacos, and we were going to ensure it stayed on budget. We started planning before I started ThistleBEA and I had no idea that my wedding vision (fun & DIY) would emulate my business. I loved the experience of being the bride but I learned that I definitely prefer the planning and the work of being at a wedding as the planner than being the centre attention. If I could give future brides one piece of advice, person to person, it would be this: Things are going to go wrong on your wedding day, it’s just the nature of weddings. Ignore those things, they’re not important. Concentrate on what’s important, the reason for this party, your love for one another. A zillion things went wrong on my wedding day from some details not being attended to while I was getting ready to my shoes actually breaking as I was getting ready to enter for the ceremony. None of those mattered, because I married Jim, and we had the most important people in our lives surrounding us and celebrating this milestone along side us.


3 thoughts on “Breanne & Jim’s LEGO Wedding

  1. monashee

    Oh my goodness, this is so much fun. The hammer is such an awesome and personal touch. Congratulations on your wedding, and also on the diy wedding masterpiece that you created.


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