Unedited Thoughts

I realize how hard it is for me to actually stick to a creative schedule, or as James would say it, wrong, schedule.

You know, positing about one topic, just one, each and every week; which is why I haven’t done it! For this post, I’m merely doing an update, for anyone who may care.

I started this planning quite early because I knew how busy this summer was going to be. Aside from work being crazy, we have so much happening for other people (it can’t always be about us). James’ brother was married on August 6th and I became very involved, by fluke. I ended up doing their day of coordination. The second of my summer.

Have I mentioned before that I love wedding planning?

This involvement got me excited! I am part of a few wedding/bride groups on Facebook so I started to look out for couples I could maybe help.

The first bride I reached out to was Emily. I’m still working with Emily who is getting married in October 2018, and my experience with her has given me all sorts of confidence.

I have since left my event coordination job (because I was basically just renting stuff, not planning or coordinating anything) and have started my own wedding planning company, ThistleBEA your wedding (say it out loud). Check out my website here!

In the last three months I’ve done so much for the wedding without realizing what I’ve done! Look out for my next post!


One thought on “Unedited Thoughts

  1. Darlene

    Congrats on the new adventure! Your website looks awesome and love reading your blog! Your personalized packages look very helpful, and pricing is on point. Keep up the great work!


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