who, WHAT, where, when

Finally, I’m back! I hope I can keep that nasty writer’s block out long enough to get on with writing like a normal human being. While I was away I went away. James and I went to the Dominican Republic and DUDE it was amazing! Pure paradise. I’ve never really been on vacation before but now I feel like I caught the vacation bug. I’m super excited for our honeymoon and the fabulous destination we’ve selected (you’ll find out where later). Anyway, I won’t bore you with the super exciting trip with stingrays, starfish, cacao and coffee farms, and all the fruit you could ever hope to eat.

Also, yesterday was our negative 1 anniversary! We’re getting married in a year! Onto the post:

Now that you have the who, why, and when, let’s think about the what; your theme.

Every wedding has to have a theme – it doesn’t have to be anything fancy, it could simply be your colour palette, but you need to have some sort of guidelines for your décor. Don’t try to BS me and tell me you aren’t using any décor because tablecloths are décor, centrepieces, table numbers, lighting, and even food can be décor.

If you decide you don’t need a theme you’ll end up with items every colour of the rainbow and items for a “rustic” theme and items for a high class event. As I have mentioned before; James and I are going with lego – which really minimizes some of our other choices!

The reason I would suggest figuring out your theme sooner rather than later is for economical reasons and ease for shopping! If you’re getting married a year from now, settle on your theme because who knows what you might see while shopping that you might want for your wedding? A great example of this is some lace ribbon I found. I thought this would be perfect for XYZ aspect of my favors. Once I thought about it though it didn’t go with my theme at all. While I love the lace and burlap and mason jar look, it’s not right for a lego themed wedding!

If you have no idea where to start let’s do a little test:

  1. Close your eyes and think about your wedding day: walking down the aisle and your groom and best friend has his eyes locked on you. Everyone’s watching your ascend to the altar and there is a line up of your best friends there to support you. What colour are they wearing?
  2. With that colour in mind, what flowers are those beautiful ladies holding?
  3. Thinking about those flowers, picture them behind your eyes. What kind of vase would you put them in? A square one? Tall? Short? Turn this into your centrepiece.

I don’t know if this actually helped you get a beginning point, but you should at least have a colour you like in mind! If not, maybe check THIS out. It might give you a little bit of a push up, like a good bra.

Another thing that could attribute to your theme or colour choice is your venue. Think about the colour scheme – do you love those colours and want to incorporate them into your decision? Are you getting married in a barn? Where’s your ceremony being held? What kind of flowers are you hoping to incorporate into your decor? Do you even want flowers?

There’s so many decisions to make that rely on a color scheme or a theme, make this decision early.

I know this one was a little shorter than all my other posts, but hey, at least I’m posting again. I’m working on the next installment now so you can have something to look forward to (assuming you look forward to these)!

  • We like tacos, thus are going to eat that deliciousness at our wedding
  • We are getting married April 22, 2017
  • We are not going to wear yellow gold rings
  • We want our ceremony outside (regardless of weather) and our reception indoors
  • Lego is the best theme ever
  • We’ll both have 5 attendants before the flower girl and ring bearer, which we may not even have
  • We want our parents as involved as possible because it’s not JUST about us, we’re joining two families
  • Our guest list is in and around 120 people, and not everyone we would have liked to invite is invited.
  • We will be getting married at the Aberthau Mansion near Jericho Beach in Vancouver
  • We are registered at Bed Bath and Beyond (mostly just so we can get a Pastasaurus)
  • Our wedding website is in the works
  • We have designed and ordered our save the dates (THEY’RE MAGNETS!) but will not be sending them out until July or August
  • Our colours are Royal Blue and White (to match lego!)
  • We got some sick centrepieces in the works!
  • You know, stuff. I got to keep some things secret from you guys!

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