Down for maintence

Hi friends.

I’ve really have been trying to write, but this monster called writers block is sitting on my shoulder. He’s been eating away at my brain and while I have thousands and millions of words and ideas bouncing around in this fragile skull of mine, none of them are flowing together in an effective way that helps you, my dearest loved ones, who like to read what I have to say.

My theme for this week was indeed theme and while I would love to tell you why this theme is important to your theme, the words just won’t come out my fingers in legible ways.

While I pose no GOOD excuses to why I have let you down this week (and likely next) I have had issues weighing on my mind. I have had a few run ins with the dentist and dentistry related relations where extreme measures have been taken and a molar or two have been removed. I also have a hard time when it comes to these stupid terrorist attacks. The attack on Brussels was as pointless as trying not to think of penguins. While I don’t consider myself an Empath, I can’t help but to be grief stricken when this happens.

For the sake of getting my point across, I’m copy and pasting my facebook status the other day because it’s the best thing I’ve written in weeks:

“Things like terror attacks really effect me. The second I hear about something like what happened today in Brussels, I get worked up. I’m not afraid – they can’t make me live in fear. I’m upset and I’m angry and I’m reminded of the little bit of good that comes from these life changing events.

I pulled over while driving to work because I can’t drive and cry. I still manage to arrive early so I read as much on the attacks as possible. These Canadian news sources supply me with the information I seek but it all frustrates me. Every one of them assures us that no Canadian lives were lost. While I’m sure it’s a comfort to those of us with loved ones abroad, it shouldn’t be a focal point. There were human lives lost today. People who were on their way to work. People who were groaning about their layovers. Human beings who do exactly what you and I do on a daily basis – live. They were not expecting their last conversation with their mothers’ to be their last. When they sent their children off to school today, they assured them that they’d be there to pick them up. They were thinking about their dinner plans and wondering what to watch on Netflix next. They were listening to their favorite songs coming through their ear buds. Some were having a great day, some were just getting over a break up. These people, who are just like you and me, did not forsee this day to be their last.
Now there are families and friends mourning, countless in hospitals due to their injuries or to comfort and love their friends who were in the wrong place at the wrong time.
The good that comes out of this is it reminds us that life comes with unexpected twists, turns, and ends. Please make sure that those you love know just how much you care for them, make sure that you hold your children close, take in the scent of your mother’s shampoo when you go to give her a hug, put away the stupid cell phone while having lunch with your girlfriend. Love more than you ever thought you were capable of loving. Let’s not be afraid of what could happen, nor live in fear of these people who seem to be able to produce so much sadness and hatred.
Mourn for the lives lost in Brussels today, in Paris, in Boston, in Syria, in Ottawa, everywhere throughout the world, but always remember to avoid hatred – hatred turns our brains in the wrong direction. All my most powerful healing and loving thoughts go to those effected by today’s attacks.

Tonight I intend to hold my fiancé close and listen to the sound of his heart beating. Thats a sound I want always to be with me.”


I promise to try to keep on writing and I hope to have something to you all very soon. As Ellen tells us “Be kind to one another”



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